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Strategy plans

The Research Council works to promote high-calibre research of benefit to society at large. The Council's main strategy "Research Expands Frontiers" and various other strategy plans provide an important basis for activities designed to meet this objective.

Main strategy

The Research Council's overall strategy for the 2009-2012 period provides input to research establishment stakeholders and the authorities and lays down guiding principles for the Research Council's own activities.

International strategy 2010 - 2020

The strategy has been drawn up to meet the challenges and obligations that Norway will encounter in an increasingly internationalised world of research.

Other strategic plans

The Research Council is responsible for the development of various plans and strategies for individual disciplines, subject areas and research topics.


The development of a dynamic research community is dependent on a good basis for recruitment. The Research Council gives high priority to efforts to motivate young people to pursue a career in research.

Gender issues in Norwegian research

The Research Council is responsible for research-policy-related activites to analyse and develop women's and gender research as well as gender equality in research.

Ethics in research

Research will only maintain its credibility in so far as researchers and research institutions comply with the established ethical guidelines.

Principles for Open Access to Scientific Publications

The research policy objective of open access to published results of publicly funded research is gaining in importance. The Research Council has established overall guidelines for achieving this objective.

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