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Other strategic plans and policy documents

In its role as an advisory body on research policy issues, a central task of the Research Council is to initiate and prepare strategic plans and policy documents for individual disciplines, subject areas and research topics. Such documents may be drawn up to stipulate specific research-policy priorities, or may be formulated in response to an evaluation of the relevant research community.

The links below will take you directly to the Research Councils publications database, to the page where you may download or order the document associated with the link.

Thematic strategies and policy documents


National strategy for research infrastructure (Tools for research)

To ensure reliable, long-term financing for research operation and renewal, the national infrastructure strategy proposes the establishment of a government fund with a start capital of NOK 20 billion, from which the entire yield (approximately NOK 800 million) would be reserved for investment in new and existing research infrastructure.
Download or order: National strategy for research infrastructure  (in Norwegian with English summary)

Innovation Strategy for the Research Council of Norway 2011-2014

The Research Council's first specific strategy on innovation puts an emphasis on the need for more innovation in the public sector, the importance of a broad national knowledge base, as well as on the need for an increased effort in areas where Norway excels and for new momentum in areas that need improvement.
Download:  Innovation Strategy for the Research Council of Norway 2011-2014 (PDF-78.9 KB)

Policy on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

The Research Council's IPR policy seeks to ensure that results produced by research projects funded with government allocations are used to the maximal benefit of society. The policy applies to the rights to research results from projects that are wholly or partially funded by the Research Council.
Download:  The Research Council's IPR Policy (PDF-36.4 KB)

Principles for Open Access to Scientific Publications

In the open access principles adopted in January 2009, the Research Council  requires that peer-reviewed scientific articles based on research funded wholly or partially by the Research Council are self-archived in appropriate repositories whenever these are available.
Read more about the principles and download the document.

Research strategy for the Northern Areas

The Research Council's strategy for the Northern Areas,, established the framework for wide-ranging, dynamic research activity within and for the High North. Research relevant to the Northern Areas is to be incorporated into and closely integrated between the entire range of the Research Council's activities. The strategy for the Northern Areas is placed in a broad-based social context, and clarifies key questions relating to priority areas, internationalisation, funding and organisation.
Download or order: Research strategy for the Northern Areas (PDF-2 926.5 KB) (abridged English version)

National strategy for nanoscience and nanotechnology

Norway seeks to become a leading research nation within selected niches of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Through the application of fundamental insights, advanced technology and broad-based, cross-disciplinary expertise, Norway will establish a sound basis for increased value-creation, innovative industrial activity and new knowledge.
Download or order: National strategy for nanoscience and nanotechnology

National action plan for climate research

In 2005, in response to a request from the Ministry of the Environment, the Research Council appointed a committee to draw up an action plan for Norwegian climate research. The action plan presents the assessments, conclusions and recommendations of the committee.
Download or order: National action plan for climate research (Only available in Norwegian).

Policy for medical and health-related research

The policy spans the period from 2007 - 2012 and summarises the state of the art, identifies challenges and sets out research priorities. The policy proposes that funding channelled through the Research Council is concentrated in areas that offer optimal added value.

Download:  The Research Council's Policy on Medicine and Health-related Research (PDF-1 285.7 KB)

Subject-specific strategic development

Please note that most of the the strategic development documents are currently only available in Norwegian.

Strategic development plan for engineering science (2006)

According to the subject planning committee, the continued development of Norway's national framework in engineering science must be rooted in a curriculum that ensures access to the basic knowledge that will be needed in a long-term perspective.
Download or order: Strategic development plan for engineering science  (In Norwegian)  

Strategic development plan for information and communication technology (ICT) (2004) 

The subject planning committee recommends substantial growth in funding for university-level ICT research in Norway. This funding increase must be accompanied by structural changes that will help to enhance research production and encourage students at Masters and doctoral levels to complete their degrees.
Download or order:  Strategic development plan for information and communication technology (ICT)  (In Norwegian)

Strategic development plan for mathematics (2004)

University-level mathematics subjects must be strengthened substantially if the mathematics community is to maintain its current calibre, develop mathematics as a discipline and at the same time successfully meet the major challenges facing mathematics as an integral part of other subject fields.
Download or order:  Strategic development plan for mathematics  (In Norwegian)

Strategic development plan for political science (2004)

The greatest challenge facing Norwegian political science is ensuring that research is of adequately high international calibre. The subject planning committee states that both the allocating authorities and the individual institutions must create a better framework for curiosity- and problem-driven research activity.
Download or order:  Strategic development plan for political science (In Norwegian)

Strategic development plan for bioscience (2003)

The curriculum planning committee asserts that independent, curiosity-driven research in the biosciences must be increased, even if this is ultimately at the expense of use-driven research. The committee also recommends that the university departments introduce more clearly-targeted strategic research management.
Download or order:  Strategic development plan for bioscience (In Norwegian)

Strategic development plan for physics (2001) 

A significant portion of the funding to physics subjects should be allocated directly to the universities as basic funding for researchers. The number of post-doctorate positions must be greatly increased. The curriculum planning committee also recommends that more of the responsibility for strategic research thinking is assumed by the university departments and universities themselves.
Download or order: Strategic development plan for physics  (In Norwegian)   

Strategic development plan for geoscience (1999)

According to the curriculum planning committee, the Norwegian geoscience community should move more in the direction of quantitative, process-oriented studies, and should seek to profile itself to a greater degree internationally while continuing to maintain its expertise in the offshore sector. The committee also points out the importance of improving scientific integration between geophysics and geology subjects, as well as the need to enhance the interface with subjects such as meteorology, oceanography, hydrology and paleoclimatology. 
Download or order:  Strategic development plan for geoscience (In Norwegian)

Strategy for chemistry research (1998)

High-calibre chemistry research is essential to a modern society. Chemistry subjects in Norway are faced with a variety of challenges relating to funding, recruitment and prioritisation of important strategic areas.
Download or order: A Strategy for Chemistry Research


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