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Research pays off for companies and society

Companies and society both benefit when the private sector invests in knowledge, a recent survey shows. The survey measured the results and effects of funding allocated by the Research Council of Norway to research in the industrial sector.
Date: 03.07.2014

New minimum basic funding requirements for research institutes

The Research Council has expanded the minimum requirements that research institutes must satisfy to receive public basic funding.
Date: 03.07.2014

National strategy for the health and care sector launched

The Health&Care 21 strategy is Norway’s first national research and innovation strategy for the health and care services. The strategy will form the basis for the further development of the services in this key area of society.
Date: 01.07.2014

Petroleum research still relevant and ethical

Norway’s National Committee for Research Ethics in Science and Technology (NENT) has conducted a review of ethical issues related to petroleum research. The committee concludes that it is ethically justifiable and warranted to carry out petroleum research as long as it does not impede restructuring efforts targeted towards renewable forms of energy.
Date: 01.07.2014

Largest funding pot ever for innovation research in industry

The Research Council of Norway is announcing NOK 850 million for allocation to Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector. This is the largest funding pot to be made available for this type of grant to date.
Date: 26.06.2014

Moth invasions cause widespread damage in the sub-arctic birch forest

In just seven years, as much as one-third of the mountain-birch forest in the North Calotte region was severely defoliated by two moth species. Researchers now have a better understanding of what happened.
Date: 24.06.2014

A boost for open access to research

The Research Council of Norway is introducing a new, five-year funding scheme that will cover a significant share of the costs incurred by research institutions for publication in open access journals.
Date: 24.06.2014

New project databank with advanced statistical capabilities

The Research Council of Norway has now launched its new project databank. This open, interactive tool enables anyone to instantly customise statistical overviews of Research Council grants dating back to 1997.
Date: 23.06.2014

Norway more innovative than previous surveys suggest

In a new survey, Statistics Norway finds that Norwegian trade and industry has far more innovators than indicated by previous international surveys of innovation capacity.
Date: 16.06.2014

Marine Science Week adds to Norwegian-Japanese cooperation

For the second consecutive year, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Japan, Innovation Norway and the Research Council of Norway have co-hosted a Norwegian-Japanese science week in Tokyo.
Date: 13.06.2014

Regional research initiative for North Norway to continue

Allocations to the Research Council of Norway’s regional, long-term Research Initiative for North Norway (NORDSATSING) will continue for another three years. Drill-cuttings management, satellite monitoring and ice on petroleum platforms are among the topics to be addressed using this research funding.
Date: 12.06.2014

Investing more in research on societal security

The Research Council of Norway’s Research Programme on Societal Security (SAMRISK II) recently awarded NOK 55 million in funding to six new projects. According to Minister of Justice and Public Security Anders Anundsen, there are plans to further increase Norwegian research activity in this field.
Date: 12.06.2014

Key figures for the Research Council for 2013

The most recent edition of the publication “Key figures for the Research Council” features among other things detailed statistics on grant applications and funding awards, distributed by subject field, type of institution and funding instrument.
Date: 12.06.2014

Milestone: Salmon genome fully sequenced

After five years of international research cooperation between Norway, Chile and Canada, the Atlantic salmon’s genetic material has been fully sequenced.
Date: 10.06.2014

New knowledge revolutionising feeds

Over the past few years, the salmon farming industry has gone from being a major consumer of marine protein to becoming a net producer of it – a turnaround made possible by a deeper understanding of the nutritional requirements of salmon.
Date: 30.05.2014

New technology can prevent salmon lice

The battle against salmon lice is being waged on many fronts, including the technological front. Simple and advanced solutions alike can be effective.
Date: 28.05.2014